Fran and EXILE

Check this out!

By now, I am sure you all (those of you who read my old blog) know Fran - the delicious snack made by the Japanese company Meiji (which I like to think was named after me, although ever so slightly unlikely hehehe).

Last month, a new type of Fran was released, named Whipps which are thicker and softer than previous Fran. Mmmmm... yummy


It appeared on TV commercials together with EXILE, a very popular group here in Japan, with some very very cute members.


People sometimes say that Yoshi looks a bit like the lead singer (Atsushi) although, I am not so sure...


Especially those abs - hehe sorry Yoshi.



  1. Could you tell me the name of the Exile song played in that commercial?

  2. theres a lot of famous group singers in japan but i consider myself as a number 1 fan of EXILE....I love to watch and hear thier music all the time in the net,,,,,its all becouse im the number one fan of ATSUCHIsan,,,i really like his style and his voice most of all...i love his music...all i wish is to see him in person even just for ones..EXILE...ATSUCHIsan,,,your the BEST for me and youre always be in my heart whatever it takes....ill pray for your u EXILE.......


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