Another day off

Well it is freezing here, which certainly doesn`t give one a lot of motivation to get out or be social, but I had a Japanese lesson at 10am, so had to get moving early!

After the lesson and a haircut, Yoshi picked me up and we went to Nishinomiya Gardens (西宮ガーデンズ), a new mega-mall between Osaka and Kobe. Apparently, it is the biggest mall in West Japan, and it sure was BIG.

There are more than 250 stores and restaurants inside, including Hankyu department store, LOFT, Diesel, United Colors of Benetton, Book 1st, HMV ... and it has an area of over 71,00m sq. Because of its size, it didn`t appear as crowded as some other shops in Osaka which was a pleasant change.

After that, Yoshi and I headed out for dinner at a new restaurant / dining bar in Minami Horie (南堀江), called Bleu (ブルー). It is located near the FM Osaka building and has a really nice view of the river.

Although it looks very stylish, gorgeous and expensive, it certainly wasn`t overpriced, and the food was divine. Very nice way to end a cold day - with a glass of Californinan Merlot and a pretty view of Osaka at night!

Another very nice day off :)


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